Here we go again. Your coach requests a copy of a birth certificate, a photo, a school age verification form, and possibly even more. He has to have these items to provide them for your next tournament, league, or event. The tournament/event director has to collect them so he can assure everyone that they are doing everything to ensure an even playing field…because if he does not do this, and someone indeed cheats, that tourney is in big trouble as word spreads for years to come.

So you gather your information, run to the nearest library or copy center and make your copies, give it to the coach, and hopefully he does not lose it so you do not have to repeat the process again for that season. Now, the season is over, you are going to your next sport, guess what, it is that time again, gather up the material, make the copies, give it to your coach.

It is a mundane process, however, it is one that has to be done to ensure a level playing field for the Event. Nobody likes it. Parents do not like gathering the info, scrambling to find the information then going to get copies. Coaches do not like it as they are responsible for taking the information with them to every event, standing around waiting for the tourney director to approve everything, then chasing it after the tourney while always worrying where that darn folder is. Tournament/Event Directors do not like it since they have to sit at a table, go through each and every document to ensure everything is in order, and heaven forbid that there are documents missing, if so, the scramble is on to find everything so the team can play!

Youth Sports ID has created an online system that will eliminate all of this for good! You now will be able to create an online account, upload all of your information such as the copy of birth certificate, photos, copy of physical, school age/grade verification form, copy of insurance, and more. This information will be stored online within a secure portal for as long as you want it there. You will have the ability to approve/assign to coaches that request the information, and even be alerted if there are any documents needing updated. No more making copies, running around searching for the documents, or worrying about where the numerous previous copies went.

The cost of this convenience is $5.00 for your initial registration (year 1), and $5.00 every year there after. Customer is responsible for all Subscription Fees, and hereby authorizes YouthSportsID.com to obtain payment of all such Subscription Fees in accordance with the Payment Information. Fees are recurring and set to charge 1 time per year. The cost of year 1 registration may be less depending on agreements made with specific leagues and/or Tournaments.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, please visit our contact page and email cancellation information.

Your Registration Dollars at Work!
Youth Sports ID will donate up to $2.00 per initial registration to the Tournament/Event or League that you dictate. That is correct, up to 40% of your total registration amount will go to where you want it to go, thus allowing you, along with Youth Sports ID, to give back.

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