Running a Tournament/Event is a process that is rewarding, but also very hard work. Seemingly only the winners of the event are happy, everyone has something to complain about, and the amount of time commitment can be daunting, especially the days leading up to the event. How many times have you had to make a special trip to meet a team that could not make the event meeting, or had to drop off their team information since they forgot it the last time? We always hear it, it never fails “NO WAY THAT KID IS OF AGE”.

Youth Sports ID wants to simplify the process for you. Eliminate the need to go through stacks of paperwork to verify a player. Youth Sports ID has created an online portal where you can simply request a teams information and it will populate into your tournament for verification.

How It Works:

You would Register at www.youthsportsid.com and fill out the necessary information. Once you completed this information you can “invite” teams to send information. You will do this by simply searching on that team, and click the “Invite Team” button. Once you do this, the team will simple “Approve” the request, and their teams information will populate into your tournament area. You will then be able to click on the team name, and view their roster with all of the necessary pieces of information and required documentation. Once populated, you will even be able to email your participating teams with any announcements or information you want to send. Multiple Tournaments/Events, no problem, you can have as many as you want. No more collecting and sifting through paperwork, no more lines of teams waiting to be verified, no more waiting for teams to show up as you are tied to the registration table all day…that is over! Simply verify your teams from anywhere, at anytime with Youth Sports ID.

YouthSportsid.com also offers the ability for teams to register and pay for the tourney within the YouthSportsID.com system. Simply post your tourney details and cost, and teams will be able to complete the registration process from cradle to grave. We want to make it as easy as possible for teams to enter, thus giving you more time to focus on directing your tournament and not so much time spent on  mundane paperwork and the task of chasing registration fees. 

Youth Sports ID saved one big benefit for last, but not least. As you register your tourney/event, you will added to the “referral” area within the participant registration form. When the participant registers, they can assign the registration to your tourney/event/league and you will receive up to $2.00 per registration. If 1000 kids register, you would get up to $2,000.00 for your event. Not only is Youth Sports ID making it easier on the Participant, Coach, and Director, but we are giving back to the community, event, or league of choice. All you have to do is require that the teams use Youth Sports ID as the Age Verification Portal for your Tourney/Event or League.